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Turnkey Solution Providers > Gambling Operations > White Label Online Casino Solution
Under the White Label name hides an online casino answer Start Live Casino gives to existing land casinos and iGaming entrepreneurs. It is a digital turnkey solution for those who want to start their online casino under their own brand. This solution takes the form of the creation and designing of an independent iGaming website where the customers’ only work is to select the games and the registering system of their preference. Once it is done, it is up to us, according to their recommendations and wishes, to create the perfect website, creating a unique brand and guaranteeing their copyrights. An iGaming website is the perfect solution to get started with casino businesses. The set up cost is low, the accessibility is far better than with land casinos and the player retention is excellent as they can come back anything they want on a website valuing quality and quantity. Furthermore, beyond the low set up cost, we promise protection against DDOS attacks or hacking, technical assistance and a privileged contact to our Call Center teams for your customers for any question they may have about our games.
Games Software > Other > Product Integration
Start Live Casino integration services can connect you to a wide variety of online casino games. To achieve that goal, we created an iGaming platform allowing us to integrate effortlessly hundreds of third parties games in many categories to our own collection, and therefore to yours. Product Integration is the edge you need to deal against competition in a competitive industry where quantity matters. Not only gamblers want variety for their entertainment, but also affiliates are more likely to promote a website they believe in. A website where online betting and gambling possibilities are limitless allows them to be in contact with more prospects, as they are also looking after the best.
Games Software > Live Dealer > Live Dealer Casino
Live Dealers are the ideal solution for online gaming websites to provide the thrill of real games to players. It is the most dynamic, absorbing and engaging entertainment to bridge the gap between live and online casinos. Compared to other games, it is also providing the fairest feelings to the players. The dealing and results happen right in front of them. Live Dealer products are thus the edge any only gambling website must have to show its commitment and honesty to its players, assuring their fidelity and trust.
Games Software > Lottery Software > Lottery Software
Lotteries are found everywhere. Most people in the West see them on TV, most people in the East see them in the street and everyone knows they are accessible online. As the entrance prize to participate is usually very low, there is almost no barrier at the entrance. It means their popularity could only stay intact once they started on the Internet. As it is, there are lottery games available in almost every country in the world, followed by millions of players every day, the definite proof of its enduring attractiveness. It is the best way for people to give a try to their luck without resorting to other longer ways. The customers are also not disturbed in their habits. The brands they know and recognize went online as well, bringing with them their own betting rules and variations, their own winning odds and their own magic. Lottery tradition has been shaped by decades and centuries of trade in the industry. No place escaped that. Whatever the country you want to settle a lottery service for, we can provide.
Games Software > Bingo Software > Keno & Bingo
Subcategories of lotteries are Keno and Bingo games. Widely popular game in casinos around the globe, online and/or offline, they deliver simple rules where players must guess which numbers will be drawn and are paid accordingly based on how many numbers they guessed correctly. Unlike with lotteries, players do not get the results immediately and can enjoy a relaxing game over time, with friends or family.
Games Software > Sportsbook Software > Sportsbook Software
Our partner’s Sportbooks offer innovative experiences to the players, in a secure and safe environment for their betting. Real time odds, pre-match betting, betting during matches and games, bets on half time scores, over/under scores, handicaps and many more options are available through our user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. The sports we present are all-inclusive. As long as it exists, there is a betting solution. Football/soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey, snooker and many more are available, depending on the specificities of the market you target. All leagues, cups, competitions and other events are also handled, be they national or international. Results are given on real time thanks to continuous updates. Moreover, the winning confirmations follow the same trend. Players do not have to wait to get credited with their winnings, enforcing trust, respect and fidelity.
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Date Established: June, 2011

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