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25 February 2013

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Scratch games are all over the world today, and they have quickly become one of the most popular forms of gambling among many different crowds. Most scratch card games have a very simple concept and are easy to learn to play in just a few minutes. Typically the game has a few spaces that players are supposed to scratch off and they reveal a series of numbers or pictures that let them know whether or not they won at this game, and the prize amount.

Many of these games are now sold in gas stations, betting shops and convenience stores around the world, and they are usually very easy to cash in locally to get the prize quickly, as long as the amount won is relatively small.


Scratch games were first created in the United States in the 1970s as more games of chance were being invented during that time. The very first mass-produced scratch games were created by Scientific Games Corporation in 1974. Later on in 1984 the first patent for scratch card games was awarded to Astro-Med, a company located in Rhode Island.

After their initial creation they became very popular with nonprofit organizations and they were used for many years to fund different company goals. By offering a few prizes, companies were able to make large sums of money very easily, which made scratch cards a very desirable way to fund raise.

A High Popularity

Over the years scratch cards have become one of the most popular types of gambling available. There are a number of reasons that people enjoy this form of gambling but two of the most obvious are that they are awarded with the prize instantly, and many of the cards are very inexpensive to play.

With an increasing popularity of paper scratch cards it only makes sense that virtual scratch cards have been developed, and they are also very popular. There are plenty of websites around the Internet that are making a steady profit utilizing a variety of different scratch card games. The websites that do the best have a large variety of scratch games that their visitors can play so that they always have something new and exciting to enjoy.

Many users are beginning to favor more high-priced scratch games over the Internet because they come with very high payouts that could never be achieved with a paper scratch game bought at a local store. These games often offer millions of dollars and have hundreds of thousands of other people playing them, all trying to earn the money as well.

Casino Web Scripts

Casino Web Scripts is an online provider for flash-based casino games and they have a good selection of quality scratch games to choose from, including Rich Rick Scratch Show, Lucky Seashell, King Arthur Triple Cash, Cowboy Ticket and a lot more. These scratch games can be loaded right inside a Web browser, making them very user friendly for any visitor. They could also be loaded using the cross-platform Adobe AIR solution for even more flexibility.

The games can be integrated not only with online casinos, but also with any entertainment or prize website.

The company offers a wide variety of scratch games to choose from and they have themes to fit most websites. Even if they don’t have the right theme for the website, they take custom orders and will develop a personal scratch game tailored to any company, nonprofit or casino website.

There is still a very high demand for Internet-based scratch card games, and more websites are going up for them every day. By tapping into the quality offered by Casino Web Scripts it is possible to get a scratch game website up and running quickly and easily.

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