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iGaming Security and Fraud Suppliers

1. 4Stop
Cologne, Germany
4Stop provides global KYC, compliance and anti–fraud solutions. Through one API, access 400+ KYC data sources to obtain compliance, coupled with 4S proprietary anti–fraud technology, real–time intelligent monitoring, and data science. Future–proof your risk management p...

2. A.S.A.P Secured Inc.
Milton, Ontario, Canada
Since its inception in 2000, A.S.A.P. Secured Inc. has become Canada’s leading disaster and fire scene security service. Clients experiencing an emergency or loss can call on A.S.A.P. Insurance Services Division professionals to respond within two hours anywhere within ...

3. AACasino Ltd
Gzira, Malta
Service Providers to the Online Gaming Industry: A Service Provider for the casino industry. Based in Europe. Specialising in Player Support, Responsible Gaming measures, Fraud Prevention, KYC Services, AML Procedures,Payout Management Services....

4. Abilott
Farnborough, England, United Kingdom
Cyber Security: DDOS Mitigation, Insider threat management, Zero Day attack mitigation.

5. Accertify Inc.
Itasca, Illinois
Data Management Platform: Accertify® Fraud Management leverages vast and disparate enterprise data, driving better fraud detection with fewer false positives. Constantly evolving card-not-present fraud easily defeats fraud detection products that are inflexible or use limited data types. These products can lose their eff...

6. AcuityTec
AcuityTec is an all-in-one fraud prevention solution and proven acceptance rate booster for all e-Commerce businesses accepting credit card and other payment transactions. Our unique BIN intelligence researches do increase merchant transaction acceptance rates, while...

7. Advanced Connections
Carrollton, Texas
Advanced Connections Inc. (ACI) is a leading provider of structured cabling and security infrastructure solutions, specializing in security and access control systems, paging systems, IP & video surveillance, distributed antennae systems (DAS) and video projection syste...

Milton, Ontario, Canada
For over 25 years AFI has offered emergency response, strike security, business continuity and protective services to image conscious companies across North America. A team of AFI experts work with clients to provide the most comprehensive suite of security services ava...

9. Alpha Protection
Feasterville, Pennsylvania
e-Commerce fraud prevention for merchants: We analyze each buyer of your site and based on this analysis, in a percentage ratio of 0.1 to 100%, predict whether this buyer can be dangerous or safe. Also, we have a set of rules that help to save your business, for example, you can put this rule: if the amount of payment exceeds $ 100, then the...

10. American Casting & Mfg Corp.
Plainview, New York
Seals: American Casting & Mfg Corp is the leading US manufacturer of Tamper evident security seals. Visit to see our full line for very application. Security tapes and labels with custom print available...

11. Aristotle International
Washington, District of Columbia
Age and Identity Verification - Integrity: Integrity: Global Real Time Age and Identity Verification solution for online gaming. Integrity is used by 7 of the top 10 operators in Europe and the world. Verify ID and Age of customers from over 135 countries through a web service API. Highest match rates and most economic option for yo...

12. Avoco Secure Limited
London, England, United Kingdom
Identity Solutions

13. Bet IT Best GmbH
Munich, Germany
Identity Solutions

14. BMT - BalaJi MicroTechnologies
Faridabad, Haryāna, India
Line Scan Camera & F Mount Lens for Color Sorter: BalaJi MicroTechnologies is india's No.1 Manufacturer of high speed RGB CCD Line Scan Cameras & C-mount Machine Vision lens & F-Mount Machine Vision lenses which are ideal to use in Bi-Chromatic & Tri Chromatic Colour Sorter Machines. The company designs, develops & manufacture complete Vision Sy...

15. CardLogix
Irvine, California
Smart card Multi-factor Age Verification For Online Play: CardLogix Multi-factor Age Verification (MFA) is the most effective way to verify age and identity for online gaming. By combining smart cards and biometrics, MFA ensures absolute safety, legal compliance, and fraud prevention. ...

Paris, Île-de-France, France
Digital Vault to be compliant with Government law: Cecurity provides a Digital Vault solution that can proof you respect the law and control your gamers. Our Digital Vault is according with e-Privacy requirements. Then Cecurity provides a set of legal services for your gamers....

17. Central Software
Douglas, England, United Kingdom
Egaming Compliance Software: Avoiding Reputational Risk whilst gaining and retaining members has never been so easy! We are an approved partner of World Check our system enables you to easily check and verify your customers are not on government watch lists. Initial - on-going and auditable proof that you have checked yo...

18. Compliance Testing Laboratory (CTL)
Southampton, United Kingdom
IT Forensics: CTL offer forensic services in situations where IT companies require preparation for litigation, by gathering evidence for presentation in court; as well as consulting on procedures to avoid evidence tampering or evidence dismissal....

19. Corero Network Security
London, England, United Kingdom
Cyber-security solutions: Provider of technology solutions and services against cyber attacks - notably DDOS attacks.

20. Criminal Justice Associates
Lie Detection - Credibility Assessment Experts : We provide a full range of lie detection services to the casino industry. Corporate, Criminal, Civil exams. Claims of Sexual Harassment, Workmen's Compensation & other exams. Our firm utilizes Polygraph, VIPRE VSA (Voice Stress Analyzer) and the Eye Detect Unit. No longer is the casino limited t...

21. Cybergate International
Santa Venera, Malta, Malta
Phishing as a Service: Cybergate’s Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) is a fully-managed phishing program designed for organisations who are worried about their teams’ ability to accurately differentiate between phishing emails and genuine ones. Utilising the latest technology, Cybergate will periodically launch phishing campa...

22. Datafiche
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Shredding/Scanning: Shredding of documents/Scanning of documents

23. Devcode Payment AB
Stockholm, Stockholms, Sweden
VaultIQ: VaultIQ is designed in such a way that all card data is stored separately from our payment platform (PaymentIQ), giving the client complete control for routing transactions to any acquirer within minutes....


25. DOSarrest
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
DOSarrest is the DDoS protection service of choice for the online gaming industry. With the sector proving to be a high profile target, we provide protection against all levels, including the most sophisticated, of DDoS attacks. With our DDoS protection service in pla...

26. DoughFlow
San Jose, San José, Costa Rica
DoughFlow Managed Fraud Services: Taking deposits and managing fraud requires a delicate balance. Our DoughFlow tools let you fine tune your cashier system to keep your merchant accounts safe....

27. DupZapper
Moscow, Russian Federation
DupZapper: DupZapper has been created by gaming industry and technology professionals who envisioned a complete cost-effective solution for detecting online fraud by fake accounts, including bonus abuse, that will require little training to use and will not create sunk IT costs to maintain integration....

28. Eagle Mobile Video Technology Co., Ltd
ShenZhen, China
Mobile car camera: Mobile DVR, MDVR, Mobile CCTV, Mobile Camera, Car Camera, Bus Camera, Vehicle Camera, taxi Camera, Truck Camera,Rear view cameras,rectangle cameras,Back up Camera,reverse cameras,rear view system,wireless rear view system,side view camera, Bus Surveillance, Car surveillance, Taxi Surveillance, drive...

29. Employment Screening Resources (ESR)
Novato, California
Vendor Screening: Provide fast, actionable, and compliant screening options for many casino's including Soboba, Pechanga, and Porch Creek to name just a few....

30. Ethoca Limited
Dublin, Ireland
Collaborative Fraud Management: Ethoca is the leader in collaborative fraud management. Ethoca enables businesses operating in any customer-not-present environment (i.e., business by internet, phone, fax or mail) to make more informed decisions about their customer transactions by sharing transaction experiences in a way that is s...

31. EWA CyberSolution
Herndon, Virginia
iGaming Suppliers: EWA CyberSolutions has the skills and experience necessary to support the gaming industry needs - we can secure networks from attack and maintain integrity of your data and secure transactions, as well as provide ongoing assessments and training to keep you operating efficiently. We have numerous c...

32. Experian Identity and Fraud
Rugby, United Kingdom
Experian Identity and Fraud solutions can help you to increase first time pass rates through automated acceptance whilst remaining compliant with regulations and reduce churn without increasing fraud exposure or manual referrals. ...

33. FairLuck
Madrid, Madrid, Comunidad de, Spain
FairLuck - RNG Externalisation: Operators may ask their software provider to enable FairLuck, A traffic generator that brings new confident players and even leaves actual player betting more and for longer....

34. Featurespace
Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Risk Management & Fraud Prevention Software: Featurespace’s risk management ARIC™ platform uses machine learning to understand the behaviour of each individual player in real-time across multiple channels. Using unique Adaptive Behavioural Analytics, the ARIC platform contextualises player behaviour, recognising the influence of external e...

35. Firesand
Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom
Firesand provide penetration testing and vulnerability assessments for the gaming and gambling industry.

36. ForgeRock
Oslo, Norway
Identity Access Management

37. FraudLabs Pro
Bayan Baru, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
FraudLabs Pro offers fraud prevention solution to help merchant to screen their online transaction for potential frauds. This solution has became an essential element to protect your business from prevalent fraud scams. And, it doesn't add much overhead to your online t...

38. Gallant Background Checks
Owasso, Oklahoma
background checks, CBSV Verifications, drug testing: One Stop Pre-employment background services. Certified T.E.R.O Tribal Emplyoment Rights Office through Cherokee Tribe...

39. GameOn Consultants Limited
Onchan, Isle of Man

40. GBGroup
Chester, England, United Kingdom
Global Identity Transaction Monitoring Software

41. GDC - Global Data Company
South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Identity Verification Services

42. Governance Associates
Toorak, Victoria, Australia
AML/CFT Compliance Consulting: AML/CFT experts with decades of online regulation and compliance expertise. Outsource MLRO & Compliance Manager Services!...

43. Hello Soda
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Hello Soda provide ID, fraud and personalisation software solutions to businesses in multiple industries. Our solutions enable you to leverage unique and alternative data sources to alleviate reliance on traditional data and support more informed decisions. ...

44. HooYu
London, England, United Kingdom
HooYu is an identity confirmation service you can use to confirm a person’s identity in real time. HooYu does this without the need to share your sensitive personal information, or have it stored online! ...

Carlsbad, California
IDMvalidate: IDMvalidate from IDMERIT detects online and mobile fraud in real time. We use a robust identity verification process to uniquely determine if a person is who they say they are. IDMvalidate combines OCR scanning capabilities to scan IDs, IDMverify API integration, and biometric facial recognition to ...

46. IDology Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia
Identity and Age Verification Solutions: Expect ID, Expect ID Age, Expect ID IQ

47. iGamingSecurity
St. Venera, Malta, Malta
Phishing as a Service: iGamingSecurity’s Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) is a fully-managed phishing program designed for organisations who are worried about their teams’ ability to accurately differentiate between phishing emails and genuine ones. Utilising the latest technology, iGamingSecurity will periodically launch ph...

48. IMAC
Cleveland, Ohio
For more than 25 years, IMAC has offered emergency response and strike security, risk management and business continuity services to image conscious companies across North America. IMAC prides itself on partnering with their clients to protect people and property both d...

49. Imperva
San Mateo, California
Imperva is the cybersecurity leader whose mission is to protect data and all paths to it.

50. inMotion CCTV
Lewisville, Texas

51. Inter Engineering
Larissa, Greece
Strong Authentication / Identity Protection / Transaction Signing: Inter Engineering offers multiple solutions for Strong Authentication, to guarantee secure and unique identification and authentication over online infrastructures. Whatever your environment or demands, we have a solution. Examples: - One Time Password authentication using hardware tokens, passw...

52. iovation Inc.
Portland, Oregon
iovation ReputationManager 360: Online fraud and abuse erode your hard-earned revenue—especially when you’re dealing with repeat offenders and organized fraud rings. With iovation ReputationManager 360, you can immediately identify the size and scope of a problem, shut down all accounts related to a problem, and prevent bad comput...

53. Jumio
Palo Alto, California
Utilizing advanced computer vision technology, Jumio is a next generation credentials management company offering payments and ID scanning & validation products for mobile and web transactions. Designed to reduce fraud and increase revenue by minimizing friction in cus...

54. Kount
Boise, Idaho
Merchants don’t win by only stopping fraud. They win by approving the maximum number of orders…while safely and cost effectively mitigating fraud. Kount’s SaaS platform helps online merchants approve more orders, uncover new revenue streams, simplify fraud detection and...

55. KPMG
Pieta', Malta, Malta
Cyber threats and ongoing compliance such as GDPR: What can KPMG do to help? — We can help you understand: with clear advice and sound insight, we help SME’s learn to understand how Privacy touches all aspects of their business. Unless handled correctly, the combined impact of compliance requirements, reputational damages and legal costs can be de...

56. LocationSmart
Carlsbad, California
LocationSmart Network Location: Secure carrier network location is used for compliance that transactions occur within allowed jurisdictional boundaries. Coverage for 95% of US subscribers. There is no application or software required to be installed on the device. All affiliated consent manangement is provided as part of the Locat...

57. Mahoney & Co
Pieta', Malta
Forensic Services & Investigation: Digital forensic investigations, incident response, court expert services and litigation support. Our computer forensic specialists and forensic accountants are able to assist in any corporate fraud and internal HR incident from start to finish, including expert witness testimony....

Silema, Malta
Payment and Fraud Prevention Services

59. MaxMind, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts
MaxMind minFraud Credit Card Fraud Detection: The minFraud service can provide all the information obtained during manual verification and additional information in less than one second. Merchants can use the minFraud service to speed up manual order verification, automate order process, or develop their own customized scoring system with the i...

60. McHard Accounting Consulting LLC
Albuquerque, New Mexico
eLearning for Title 31 AML training: McHard provides forensic and investigative services in matters including embezzlement, money laundering, fraud and white collar crime, and investigative services for employment, whistle-blower and retaliation cases. We also provide on-site training and eLearning in Title 31 and money-laundering for ...

61. Media Sonar Technologies
London, Ontario, Canada
Social Media Monitoring : a location-based social media monitoring tool that is designed for investigations. We scour the billions of social media posts out there and bring you back the results that are relevant to the Casino. Everybody posts everything online these days - if you're not figuring out a way to monitor what...

62. MuxLab, Inc.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
CCTV Security and Surveillance: CCTV analog and IP video transmission over Cat5e/6 cable. Baluns, extenders, power-integrator hubs for complete centralized CCTV cabling solution....

63. Nexusguard
San Francisco, California
DDoS protection: Nexusguard’s automated mitigation solution, backed up by our 24x7 SOCs, protects all public-facing assets and the entire backend infrastructure. Individual IP addresses are also protected, which is extremely important for mission-critical online entertainment services that have high-traffic, critica...

64. NMi Compliance Testing and Auditing
Delft, Netherlands
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing: NMi offer PCI services such as Penetration and Vulnerability assessments to satisfy mandatory requirements for igaming jurisdictions such as Denmark and Spain, as well as part of the ISO27001 requirements. Additional ancillary security services are available through our dedicated Gaming Security Di...

65. Official Security,Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Security: Global Executive Teams, K & R Services, High Value Item Transportation,Foreign and Domestic Evacuation Services....

66. Onfido
London, England, United Kingdom
Identity Verification

67. Online Casino Market
New York, New York
Software for Casino Fraud Protection by OC-Market: Casino fraud protection: order reliable software for gambling security to protect your business...

68. Oscard RFID Co., Ltd
FoShan, Guangdong, China
Oscard RFID Co., Ltd. Committed to developing UHF RFID tags, successfully developed a variety of customized labels and tags, such as anti-metal tag, vehicle labels, book labels, clothing labels, security labels, asset management labels etc, widely used in logistics and ...

69. Player Verify, LLC
Franklin, Tennessee
Identity Document Verification: Provides a more controlled, convenient process for players to send identity verification documents to online gaming sites....

70. Protection Security Management - Henley-Putnam University
Santa Clara, California
Anti-Terrorism Training - Henley-Putnam University: Henley-Putnam University is the only accredited online university with a sole focus on Strategic Security online degree programs. Our university’s mission is to serve professionals in the strategic security industry by increasing their opportunities for advancement in the fields of Intelligence Mana...

71. Refinitiv
London, England, United Kingdom
Refinitiv, an LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) business, is one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure. With $6.25 billion in revenue, over 40,000 customers and 400,000 end users across 190 countries, Refinitiv is powering partic...

72. Rising Sun Network
Los Angeles, California

73. RSM Malta
Zebbug, Malta, Malta
Security Risk Management

74. SafeCharge
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Fraud Protection: SafeCharge provides merchants with a complete set of online payment solutions, by thoroughly examining their business model and adjusting a customized payment solutions to suit their unique processing needs. With SafeCharge's payment processing solutions, merchants profit from an easy and secure in...

75. Safe-N-Secure
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

76. SAI Global
Risk Management

77. SeNet International Corporation
Fairfax, Virginia
SeNet International Corporation (SeNet) headquartered in Fairfax, VA, was founded in 1998 to address the relatively new field of IT security. In the ensuing years, we have developed a significant expertise in all aspects of information and network security including ris...

78. Sentor MSS AB
Stockholm, Stockholms, Sweden
Managed Security Services: All of our managed security services are delivered from Sentor’s SOC (Security Operations Centre) where dedicated security operators and analysts work around the clock to protect our clients’ businesses. The advantages of Sentor’s managed security services are obvious. Your networks, IT-systems, ap...

79. Shenzhen Beishun Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
CCTV,CCD Camera,IR Camera,DVR,: ALL our products are FCC,CE,RoHS approval.

80. Shenzhen Mine Tech co.,ltd.
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
4CH USB DVR Box, USB Video Capture Card: 4CH USB video capture card with 100fps

81. Shineming Tech CO., limited
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Cleanroom wiper, Cleanroom Swab, CR80 cleaning card, ESD mat, Antistatic wrist strap, ESD bag. Antistatic fabric. : Cleanroom wiper, Cleanroom Swab, CR80 cleaning card, ESD mat, Antistatic wrist strap, ESD bag. Antistatic fabric. ...

82. SmartSearch
Ilkley, England, United Kingdom
SmartSearch is a unique Anti Money Laundering (AML) platform incorporating fully automated Sanction, PEP, SIP and RCA screening, along with Daily Monitoring. The SmartSearch platform is a “one-stop-shop” platform to verify both Individuals and Businesses, it is the only...

83. Sportradar AG
St. Gallen, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
Sportradar Security Services: Sportradar Security Services – The world's leading supplier of monitoring, prevention and education solutions to fight against match-fixing. ...

84. Stride Solutions
South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
Each business is unique, with distinct business processes that can't always be catered for by an out-of-the-box software solution. Through custom software development, Stride Solutions provides you with an opportunity to work alongside a project team to produce a system...

85. Szrek2Solutions LLC
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
RNG with Fraud Detection: Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Play™ - high performance RNG platform for game draws and instant games, with built-in data integrity verification. Trusted Audit™ verifies RNG integrity, proves RNG honesty or detects fraud attempts. ...

86. Tain AB
Malta, Malta
Tain Soft Services: From our operations offices in Malta we can offer 24/7 support and monitoring, including advanced DBA services. Tain also provides payment handling solutions as well as risk and fraud monitoring in addition to first and second line support, all available in several languages....

87. TeleSign
Marina del Rey, California
Telesign's Telephone Verification: TeleSign's Telephone Verification solution is a simple way to verify your website users in real-time. Integration is seamless, the solution is fully customizable, and you can begin using TeleSign immediately after you signup. Telephone Verification service helps keep fraudsters out of your user bas...

88. The 3rd Man Group
Chobham, England, United Kingdom
The 3rd Man is Europe’s leading specialist CNP (card not present) Fraud Screening Company. CNP fraud is experiencing significant growth, despite all of the measures introduced by the banking industry. The 3rd Man’s single objective is to assist its customers in the dete...

89. TransMaC GmbH
Sandesneben, Germany
Transmac is offering a wide range of card reader for IC, Magnetic and RFID cards. Transmac card reader are widely used in the gaming industry for gaming machines, poker table and others. ...

90. TriCom Card Technologies, Inc.
San Pedro, California
ID Scanners for Age Verification: We Manufacture Portable ID Scanners for Age Verification, and can WiFI data to Player Tracking systems to enroll Players....

91. TydenBrooks Security Products Group
Congers, New York
Security Seals, Money Bag Security Seals, Bolt, Cable, Plastic, Metal Seals & Tamper-Evident Tape: TydenBrooks SPG is a leading manufacturer of security seals - C-TPAT high security bolt, cable, plastic, metal & tamper-evident tape & labels. ...

92. VACtt Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
EAS system,retail security system,retail surveillance device,anti-shoplifting: quality product of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) system, security tag and EAS accessories and other equipment for loss prevention which are also used in retail security industry....

93. Veratad Technologies, LLC
Teaneck, New Jersey
Online Age and Identity Verification : AgeMatch is Veratad's Industry Leading Age Verification Solution designed to protect children from access to online age restricted content and merchandise, while protecting businesses from potential liability. It is a real-time solution that can be utilized by online gaming platforms and providers. ...

94. Verimatrix
San Diego, California

95. W2 Global Data Solutions
Newport, Wales, United Kingdom
KYC & AML: W2 Global Data (W2) offer an extensive range of award winning products and services enabling organisations to conduct regulatory Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and fraud prevention Customer Due Diligence (CDD). Our services include ID and Age verification, PEP and Sanctions sc...

96. Webscreen Systems Limited
West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
DDoS protection: Webscreen provides DDoS protection and Web site availability technology. Supplied as a network gateway security appliance Webscreen can process up to 0.5 million transactions pers sec on up to 10Gb connections. The system blocks botnet attacks whilst maintaining service for genuine customers....

97. Yoti
London, England, United Kingdom
Identity System

98. ZignSec
Mobile Verification

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