The Anjouan iGaming license is becoming a viable alternative

15 April 2024

The Anjouan iGaming license is getting more popular.

The Anjouan iGaming license is getting more popular.

The Anjouan iGaming license has come into the spotlight in recent years, emerging as a viable alternative to many licenses including Curacao and Kahnawake, as well as being a popular second license for many. But what is behind its popularity and allure? Why are so many operators, existing and new, flocking there to get their hands on a license? Fast Offshore has some of the answers.

It has the quickest approval time in the world
Getting a license in Anjouan can take as little as two weeks if all your documents are issued correctly, on time, and in line with requirements. You must also be aware that depending on your circumstances, you may need to provide additional documentation upon request, thus extending the process. Still, generally, applicants can be up and running in under a month from the moment of applying. This is significantly quicker than any other iGaming licensing jurisdiction worldwide, offering a significant competitive advantage. It means you, as an operator, can be up and running in no time, bringing in income instead of spending it on admin.

The process is the easiest out of all jurisdictions
Not only is it the quickest set-up time around, but it is the most straightforward. You will need to provide due diligence documents for all shareholders, directors, and ultimate beneficial owners, as well as evidence of policies, proof of finances, registration of a legal entity, proof of game fairness, and evidence of domain ownership.

In addition, you must adhere to the following points:

- Anjouan licensees must comply with the On-Line Gaming Act, 2005, which includes protecting vulnerable players and preventing money laundering.
- They must maintain financial ratios set by the Gaming Board and submit reports to it regularly.
- Licensees must implement procedures to identify at-risk players and encourage them to seek assistance.
- The authorities require licensees to follow specific procedures to prevent money laundering, including appointing a money laundering reporting officer.
- Licensees must report changes in beneficial ownership and any revoked gambling licenses from other jurisdictions.
- Significant incidents affecting the license or Anjouan's reputation must be reported promptly.
- Licensees must inform the authorities of any changes affecting the license's status and attend board meetings when required.
- Pay renewal fees to avoid a license suspension by the authorities.

While this might sound daunting, trust us, it is a lot easier than anywhere else. Furthermore, when you work with Fast Offshore, we can take care of the whole process for you, further simplifying and expediting the process.

It allows crypto and fiat gambling
When you obtain an Anjouan gaming license, you are authorised to carry out online gambling activities from Anjouan. This includes taking payment and wagers in fiat currency, such as dollars and euros, or cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, ether, or ripple. The license does not have additional requirements for those wanting to use cryptocurrency on the platform, and you are free to offer fiat, crypto, or both as forms of deposit and wager, depending on your needs. You can offer whichever you prefer anytime, all under the same single license.

The authorities support innovation
Not only do the Anjouan authorities support blockchain and cryptocurrency usage among their licensees, but they also support other forms of technology. This can include artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the metaverse, all forms of eSports, live dealer games of all kinds and varieties, apps, API integrations, and much more. Whatever path of innovation you choose to take, it is unlikely that an Anjouan iGaming license will prevent you from taking it.

It is a recognized license
To open a bank account, partner with third-party payment providers and gateways, and work with some game studios and other service providers, you will need a valid iGaming license. Not holding one can put you at a significant disadvantage and complicate your work. If you have an Anjouan license, it is evidence that you are licensed and regulated under the rules of Anjouan and, therefore, meet these entities' criteria. While it might not be as well known as Malta or Curacao, it is a license nonetheless and is an example of you following international standards and best practices in the iGaming realm. It also serves as a vote of confidence in your players' eyes.

It offers expansion into global markets
Holding an Anjouan iGaming license gives you access to global markets on every continent. You can access players in emerging markets, particularly in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. This will help you tap into new revenue streams, increase your growth, and keep your costs low, as you will not need to apply for multiple licenses.

Zero tax in Anjouan
There is no gaming tax or revenue tax payable for holders of an Anjouan iGaming license in Anjouan. This is a huge benefit for operators, which means more cash available to invest in games, player experiences, customer service, expansion and new technologies. As long as you adhere to all your license terms, you remain in line with local law and do not break any international rules. For advice on structuring and your fiscal obligations, Fast Offshore is always ready to help.

The authorities adhere to responsible gaming standards
In Anjouan, companies with gambling licenses are not required to undergo mandatory audits other than allowing third-party gaming systems to be inspected. However, companies must comply with regulatory requirements and standards set by local authorities, including anti-money laundering compliance and player protection, putting it in line with international best standards and practices. Additionally, the authorities take player protection seriously through the monitoring and enforcement of compliance with rules on this. These include inspections of licensees and enforcement action in the cases of breaches. Responsible gambling must also be promoted, and support and assistance must be provided to those who need it. Overall, Anjouan’s regulations and oversight help to protect players and prevent criminal activities, while its support for responsible gambling practices helps to promote the long-term sustainability of the industry.

Once license fits all
With an Anjouan iGaming license, you can offer gambling such as sports betting, eSports, live dealer games, slots, online casinos, table games, poker, and all games of skill and chance. Every kind of gambling comes under just one license, meaning you can diversify your offerings, ensuring your players are kept happy and coming back for more.

Low ongoing maintenance costs
Regarding costs, it is not just at the setup stage that Anjouan performs well. Ongoing maintenance is also low-cost meaning you do not have to fork out huge sums of money yearly to keep your license operational. Every 12 months, you will need to pay renewal fees, ensure all details are up to date, ensure that you continue to meet the compliance requirements, provide the requested annual reports, and address any other matters that require periodic attention. Fast Offshore can handle all of this for you, ensuring no mistakes or issues arise and keeping your license in good shape. All of this comes at a price much lower than other leading jurisdictions.

Leading the way in affordable iGaming regulation
Anjouan is undoubtedly leading the pack when it comes to affordable, no frills, and straightforward iGaming processes. Operators can benefit from a streamlined licensing process that offers all the checks and balances expected from a regulated process. It also offers peace of mind to operators, players, and third parties who can see it as a vote of confidence and security in a burgeoning sector.

Fast Offshore
For some 27 years, Fast Offshore has been working with iGaming jurisdictions and iGaming operators the world over. We offer a portfolio of corporate services, including set-up, incorporation, structuring, license applications, compliance, payments and ongoing maintenance. These can be availed of through a custom-made package made to suit your needs or an off-the-shelf option with a no-fuss approach. To find out about iGaming in Anjouan, or any other jurisdiction, contact Fast Offshore today.

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